BLOKTOPIA Metaverse

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    Bloktopia is a blockchain-based metaverse project developed on the Polygon Blockchain. It aims to provide users with an unprecedented VR experience, thus bringing players together in an engaging and immersive virtual world.  

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    Details of the Project

    The Bloktopia world is designed as a massive Skyscraper that consists of 21 levels, as a nod to the 21 million fixed supply of Bitcoin. Holders of the tokens within this ecosystem are called Bloktopians. The skyscraper is the central hub of this virtual world, and people of all experience levels are welcome to join.

    The Value Proposition

    Bloktopia is designed as a project that brings together blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, AR, and VR. It is designed as a central hub for entrepreneurs of the future, players, developers, and investors. The entire ecosystem is based on NFTs, and users can buy virtual land and develop it. They can then earn from their real estate via ads and hosting events.

    The Bloktopia world is built on the Polygon blockchain and is based on the Unity gaming engine. Users can engage in basic or advanced learning, earn, play games, create networks, and more. It operates like a shopping mall, where visitors can find stores, which exist alongside other activities such as exchanges, businesses, and projects. It is also a place where crypto brands can showcase their projects and send out key messages.

    Inside the Bloktopia Metaverse


    When you join Bloktopia, this is where you will find yourself. All new users spawn outside the Bloktopia skyscraper.

    Level One

    This is where most Bloktopians live. There is a navigation area, helpdesk, agenda of events, and more. You can choose to take part in events by registering. This location is where you will find prime virtual real estate that companies such as ConMarketCap, Binance, and others have bought.

    Penthouse and Gaming

    For those who would like to do some gaming, visit the Penthouse and Gaming section. Those older than 18 can gamble and play poker in this section. Those that love multiplayer gaming will love this section. When playing in this section, you can earn BLOK tokens.


    This section features interactive video presentations, crypto talks, and more. Those who attend events in this section earn BLOK tokens.

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    Token Details

    The Bloktopia metaverse comes with the BLOK token, which is the main currency of the metaverse. Holders of BLOK tokens can buy real estate within the metaverse, which they can use to earn. There is a total supply of 200 Billion VLOK tokens. Of this supply, 19% or 38 Billion tokens will be released. In the future, there are plans to introduce a governance token called BLOKG, which will give holders the power to vote on developments within Bloktopia.

    When a participant uses BLOK tokens to buy real estate, it is known as REBLOK. It can be for sole ownership, which is represented using a single NFT, or joint ownership, which is represented using multiple NFTs.

    REBLOK can be leased for an event or to long-term clients. Levels 1, 6, and 21 are considered prime locations within Bloktopia.

    Participants can also acquire BLOK tokens via ADBLOK. This is simply the ad revenue from Bloktopia ads. A portion of all ad revenue goes back to Bloktopia token holders.

    The Four Main Elements of Bloktopia


    Bloktopia is envisioned as a central hub where participants can grow their knowledge of the crypto world, which can be a challenge for those new to it.


    There are plenty of opportunities for participants to earn by buying real estate, speculating on it, and reselling it for a profit, or leasing it. Participants can also earn via staking and hosting ads.


    Bloktopia comes with numerous opportunities to have fun via a VR world first-person interaction.


    The metaverse comes with a simple builder tool that can be used to express one’s creativity via artwork and taking part in events to earn prizes.


    The unique functionalities of Bloktopia cement its position as one of the top metaverse blockchain projects in the world. It can become an important gateway for those interested in learning about crypto, the blockchain, and the metaverse. Its play-to-earn model will prove to be a major incentive in getting people to enter the blockchain world.

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