STAR ATLAS Metaverse

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    Star Atlas is a multiplayer online game that is still in production. The game is expected to be released in the next 5-8 years. One of the most revolutionary aspects of this game is that it will exist within the metaverse and incorporate NFT gaming into regular gameplay. It has been touted as the future of the NFT gaming metaverse on the Solana blockchain.

    Star Atlas Metaverse
    ©Star Atlas

    Details of Star Atlas

    Star Atlas is envisioned as a space-themed multiple-player game. It has the goal of disrupting how people interact socially, economically, and politically. The game also aims to launch with a revolutionary governance model. This virtual universe will parallel the physical world but without the geographical constraints of the physical world.

    Star Atlas Universe

    The Star Atlas metaverse is set in the year 2620. In this distant future, there are three distinct factions:

    • The MUD Territory
    • The ONI Region
    • The USTUR Sector

    MUD Territory is governed by humans, the ONI Region is governed by a consortium of alien races, while the Ustur Sector is the domain of sentient androids. These three factions are engaged in a continuous struggle for resources, territory, and political domination.

    As a citizen of one of the factions, players can influence the outcome of this intergalactic struggle while creating opportunities to earn rewards for their effort. Star Atlas is unique in that it offers players a genuine gaming experience via a combination of trading gaming mechanics and unique blockchain mechanics. Players need to join one of the factions by connecting their Solana wallet. Players get rewards for helping their faction in terms of in-game tokens and NFTs.

    Star Atlas Metaverse
    ©Star Atlas

    Token Details

    The Star Atlas metaverse consists of two tokens, which are the ATLAS token and the POLIS token. These two coins each have a unique purpose.

    ATLAS Coin

    ATLAS Coins are the native currency of the Star Atlas Metaverse. These tokens are used to trade in-game items such as ships, land, components, and equipment. Players can also earn ATLAS when they participate in various activities such as mining, and selling ATLAS, or selling their assets on the marketplace. The ATLAS tokens are designed as inflationary tokens, and there is a total supply of 36 billion ATLAS.

    POLIS Coin

    POLIS is the governance token within the Star Atlas metaverse. Those holding POLIS will play an important role in the governance of the ecosystem. They can vote on issues, which alter the course of the game. Star Atlas has two types of governance systems built into it. These are:

    • In-Game Governance
    • Real World Governance

    The in-game governance has to do with the virtual gaming world of Star Atlas. POLIS holders are the owners of everything within the game, including NFTs and LAND. They will set the monetary policy and other laws within the metaverse. 

    Real-world governance includes decisions on the real-world development of the game. It includes changes to the proposed roadmap and other key features. 

    Players can earn POLIS via issuance by the core team, staking, secondary market purchases, and rewards. Those who hold onto POLIS could see the value of the tokens rise greatly once the game goes live.

    Star Atlas Metaverse
    ©Star Atlas

    Funding for Star Atlas

    Funding such a massive vision will require large scale funding. Developers of the game have come up with an innovative way to raise funds. To do so, they have created development milestones:

    Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) – Phase One

    This phase will entail selling in-game assets on the Star Atlas Marketplace. However, the items will only be usable when the browser mini-games are launched.

    Browser Mini-Games – Phase Two

    The team will launch browser-based games which are mini versions of the final game. Revenue is generated by selling these mini-games.

    Shipyard Module Sale – Phase Tree

    It will be the first time that Unreal Engine 5 is used. Doing so will allow players and collectors to view the final form of their in-game assets. A new line of assets will also be released in this phase, the Shipyard sales.

    Final Pre-Sale at Beta –Phase Four

    All assets purchased in this phase will be usable within the beta version.

    Ongoing Sales – Phase Five

    The final phase where production-ready assets will be released for sale. In this phase, the parent company will receive transaction taxes from the sale of in-game items.


    Star Atlas has a bold vision of redefining the future of NFT-based blockchain games. It has the ambition to launch a game with cinema-quality graphics that has yet to be achieved by any other blockchain game. The low transaction fees and transaction throughput of 50,000 TPS of Solana make it the perfect blockchain to attempt such a venture.

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