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    The play-to-earn narrative has sparked a surge of interest in the GameFi industry over the last few months. Play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox paved the way for the current level of adoption and growth. Play-to-earn games are becoming more popular, and experts predict that the industry will continue to expand.

    With its Dark Metaverse, UFO Gaming hopes to lead this growth, especially as the Metaverse attracts attention from all sides.

    Review about UFO gaming

    UFO Gaming is a gaming studio that creates blockchain games for an ever-expanding ecosystem. Players form clans within the Dark Metaverse, own and trade virtual real estate, and earn NFTs and cryptocurrency.

    UFO Gaming aims to traverse the gap between blockchain and traditional mobile and PC games, providing players with unprecedented P2E opportunities. The Dark Metaverse is a closed-loop ecosystem consisting of P2E games with breedable in-game NFTs that allow users to earn money. UFO Gaming has created a new paradigm in the gaming industry by utilizing the decentralized mechanics of blockchain to enable any player to earn while playing.

    What is UFO Gaming?

    UFO is the utility token of UFO Gaming, a decentralized autonomous organization that offers play-to-earn (P2E) gaming (DAO). The platform’s goal is to traverse the gap between traditional and blockchain games by integrating and developing new game features and allowing players to earn assets (such as NFTs and coins) while they play.

    In Dark Metaverse, a fictional planet created by UFO Gaming, UFO is also the primary utility token. The Dark Metaverse games depict a world where players can purchase land on the planet and earn money by engaging in certain in-game activities. One of the planets featured thus far is Super Galactic.

    Super Galactic is a decentralized game with its collection of NFTs and an automated battler, built on the Ethereum system and combined with the super scalable layer two polygon solution. To play Super Galactic, you’ll need a character named NFT UFOep, and you’ll need to farm plasma points with UFO tokens to make UFOep.

    How does UFO gaming (UFO) work?

    Because UFO Gaming is entirely community-based, it operates with a community-first mentality. Players can earn money on this decentralized gaming platform by playing their favorite genre, and the ownership of content is entirely in the hands of the users. They can also transfer UFO Gaming assets from one platform to another, such as, Shibaswap, or Uniswap.

    Based on the DAO principle, UFO is a fully decentralized platform and automated system. Owners can participate in the UFO governance system and vote on community decisions on the Dark Metaverse. The top owners can even vote DAO on the Metaverse’s future.

    Smart contracts for UFO gaming are well-secured and have been hacked.

    Users must first have UFO, the main utility token, to interact with the ecosystem. To play Super Galactic, UFO Gaming’s first game, you’ll need to wager UFO or UFO/ETH Liquidity Tokens (LP) in The Cosmos.

    The game and the two token systems create an internal economic cycle that ensures a steady revenue stream.

    How is UFO Gaming Unique?

    Given the amount of interest it has received in such a short time, UFO Gaming has been compared to Axie Infinity. On the other hand, the gaming project has some characteristics that set it apart from the latter. UFO Gaming is the first GameFi company to fund an e-sports tournament, with an Apex Legends tournament hosted by Twitch streamers Apryze and Nokokopuffs. The tournament’s winners shared a $10,000 prize pool.

    Along with other industry leaders such as Google, EY, Cloud, and FileCoin, UFO Gaming announced its participation as a Technology sponsor at Chainlink’s prestigious Fall Hackathon 2021 in November. UFO Gaming has demonstrated its willingness to put its money where its mouth is in light of these endeavors.

    UFO Gaming is launching its foray into the play-to-earn world with Super Galactic, an RPG-based game where players can create characters, form clans, and complete missions in the Dark Metaverse. As a multi-chain ecosystem, the Dark Metaverse offers gamers various earning opportunities, including rewards for staking $UFO tokens.


    UFO Gaming, the independent gaming company is developing games on the Ethereum blockchain. They have officially announced their partnership with entertainment platform Horizon Union, in another move establishing their growth in the GameFI sector.

    Partnering with Horizon Union will allow UFO Gaming to continue its exponential growth within the gaming sphere. Their focus lies especially on collaborative events and activities, influencer messaging, and more interactive campaigns. The long-term strategic partnership has gained the attention and excitement of gamers and crypto-watchers alike.

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